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“The award winning financial adviser social media solution.”


From as little as
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We have a package to suit every budget and size of company

What Is Adviser Post?

A daily feed of compliant content like tweets, posts, blogs and videos.

Delivered to your own dedicated social media management software account.

Generating more client conversations in a completely compliant way.

We have agreed special prices for advisers and brokers that work with these groups:


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What Our Members Say:

AFL Financial Planning Services“Signing up with Social Advisors has been very exciting and impressive to say the least. Simon and his team are incredibly supportive and are vastly knowledgeable in the field of social media. We were struggling to keep up on social media platforms but once we signed up to their Solo Covered package, we could sit back and watch the scheduling, promoting, interaction and responding take place without pressing a button. That’s not all you get either! Monthly newsletters, reporting, measuring and monitoring daily streams. I would highly recommend Social Advisor for any firm looking to remain current, up to date with content and most importantly, as a fantastic marketing tool.” Maria McMillan. Customer Account Manager. AFL Financial Planning Services.


ashwood law wealth management“It’s been fabulous. Right from the induction webinar that gave us a great insight into what they would do. They are very patient, good with their communication and come back very quickly. I’ve only got good things to say about it. I’ve been under pressure to get this going and this has just solved the problem for me.” Chris Bennett.  Development Manager, Ashwood Law Wealth Management.


Metcalf IFA Consultancy“We’d talked about social media, but it’s a big thing for a small firm like us to put the money and the time into something when we don’t know what we’re doing. It’s lovely knowing that everything we do is approved by our Network and AdviserPost are there to support us.” Louisa Larsen.  Client Services Manager, The Metcalf IFA Consultancy.
RSR-Logo4“My general rule is to ignore most of the voices until I came across AdviserPost and took some time to listen.  If you’re looking for someone to trust, need reliable answers and cost effective solutions for your online marketing problems, someone who puts time into a relationship, a friendly service and will go out of their way to help, give Social Advisors a call – you won’t be disappointed.” Paul Reynolds. Strategic Development Director, Reid Scott Ross.


Charles Derby“The quality of content and ease of distributing AdviserPost social media updates has had a positive impact on the number of followers within Charles Derby’s social media channels.
We have seen an immediate increase in the number of likes and followers to our Facebook and Twitter profiles within 24 hours of using the service and most importantly, increased consumer engagement” 
James McQueen, Marketing Director, Charles Derby Group.


Social Media Award Winner

Productivity Software

All your social media  and messages in one place

The all British social media risk management software, CrowdControlHQ, not only helps you manage all your social media accounts in one place, you can schedule posts even when you aren’t going to be around, archive all your activity for compliance audits and do this from your desk, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Compelling Content

Compliance approved blogs and videos ready to post.

We add new content every week, but the service is already packed with a years worth of blogs and 6 months of videos that you can post on your website and back link from your social media pages. Plus, daily complied tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn updates.

Knowledge and Support

Help from industry experts to get the most from social media.

How to guides, webinars, daily tips, blogs and live events created for financial advisers, insurance brokers and mortgage firms. Helping you to build followers and turn our content into more client conversations that turn to profitable long term relationships.


Our Guarantee

The amount of content, advice and support you’ll get from your AdviserPost membership is off the charts. And at less than a daily coffee, it’s also incredible value.
AdviserPost Gurantee
From only £89 a month, you get fresh compliant posts every day, access to our archive of client videos and blogs that we add to every week, ongoing weekly online marketing education, exclusive Q&A sessions, webinars, live training and much more.

60 days risk-free 

If you don’t love the service after 60 days, we’ll refund half of the price of the membership you have paid. 

Any Questions?

Is it a lot of money?

The most precious resource of any adviser business is your time. So we have priced the service to ensure you don’t have to eat into it.

Here is what your monthly AdviserPost subscription is worth to your business

One member of staff on minimum wage for 1 hour per day for a month to source content, get it compliance checked and post would cost £153. Plus salary costs, desk space, a computer and all the software we use, add another £95 per month. More if you have expensive offices.

Spending 4 hours per month writing blogs at an hourly charge out rate of £150 is £600, assuming you are a skilled web copywriter. Plus the aggravation of getting your content compliance approved.

Around £1,000 for video scripting, production, editing and hosting.

Your 4 hours of training every month in videos, webinars, blogs and eBooks is included in the price. That’s at least £150 worth of training every month. Without any travel cost.

Is this a one off fee?

AdviserPost is a monthly subscription. Everyday we provide fresh content for you to post. Members have access to our archive of videos and blogs to build up their websites own content.

How long is the contract?

The standard contract length is 12 months. This is to protect the integrity of our content and expert support. We are sure that members that value our service will understand and won’t want others just dropping by, taking as much content as they can and not playing fair.

We offer a 60 day risk free period so that if you don’t love our service or get value from all of our content and support, you won’t have lost out.

Click here for our refund policy

Can I change the subscription amount?

Yes, you can increase and reduce the amount of content you receive and the number of users at your firm, as long as your membership is active. You need to give us at least 30 days notice for changes and maintain at least one membership to keep receiving the fresh content and expert support. One membership equals 1 set of social media accounts.

Can I just have the content?

We only deliver our fresh content through our leading software. We ran a web only service called Social Stream with Panacea Adviser. Our members found it a cumbersome to download the content from one place, to then concurrently upload it somewhere else. Using our software makes it much easier for you and keeps everyone compliant.

Can I have software only?

Yes, if you have at least one member subscribed to the fresh content and expert support services; you can have additional licenses for software only.

Do I need special technology?

You can access the AdviserPost software via a browser installed on a PC, Mac, or Linux computer. In general, CrowdControlHQ supports the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a rolling basis.

You can also access CrowdControlHQ via a browser installed on a mobile device, or using the available mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry and IOS.

What if I have a technical problem?

Telephone support is available from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday on 01474 550290 (Option 4) and for reporting 24/7 from within the software’s support panel and via email 

Are there any rules I should be aware of?

There are some things we ask members to bare in mind to ensure we all derive value from AdviserPost:

  • All of our content is provided with compliance approval using our independent assessors. You must remember you are responsible for all communications to your clients, so you need to make sure you do your own checks for accuracy and timeliness.
  • We keep our price low to you by spreading our production costs across all members. The content is for you to share with your clients and not reselling or passing on to other firms or national websites to use.
  • If you change firms, we would like to help you take their membership with you, but your archive will remain with your firm. You, your compliance provider and the FCA can all get your records from us.
  • You can see our full terms and conditions here

How does your compliance process work?

In view of the nature of the content, your relationship with your clients and FCA rules, you are ultimately responsible for any client communication. We do everything we can to keep your risk to an absolute minimum.

Our content is created by our writers, designers and producers under our guidance according to our consistent briefing process. We then have an independent compliance expert review our content as part of our quality control process.

Before posting the content for you to use, the content is checked again by the compliance team of the Networks that we work with.

Amending our content will contravene our terms and conditions and may mean it is no longer covered under your Network’s compliance pre-approval.


Who are the experts offering support?

Our main contributor is Simon Ryan. Simon’s career includes the launch of the Internet to UK businesses and launching the Government’s first transactional portal.

Simon pioneered the use of social media in financial services for the UK’s largest insurer and a leading asset manager. He is a regular speaker on social media topics including analytics, investing, customer service and of course, compliant content.

Social Bites is for financial professionals who want to become super successful, at attracting and retaining their ideal clients using online marketing and social media.


Will everyone see the same content?

That is very unlikely. Firstly, our research suggests that other than people in the industry, very few consumers follow more than 1 financial adviser. Secondly, not everyone is posting the same content at the same time, posting is naturally randomised. Thirdly, not everyone is reading at the same time. Everyone’s social media experience is unique according to who they are following and how often they view their networks updates.

You can download some samples of our content by clicking here

Will Google penalise my site for duplicate content?

Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for Google to ignore your site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results, which our service does not.

Our content sharing approach is a form of syndication that is perfectly acceptable to Google. If your site has mostly unique content with a blog page that includes our syndicated content, this blog page will be competing against other sites that also use our content, the rest of your site (with original content) shouldn’t be affected.

Google will always show the version of our blog or video that is most appropriate for users in each given search. To determine that, Google considers the context of what users are searching for and their location in relation to you.

Here is Google’s Head of Search, Matt Cutts talking about duplicate content

If you are especially concerned, you can include the no index meta tag to prevent search engines from indexing your version of our content, but this would be extreme.

You can Download our duplicate content discussion document by clicking here.

Are payment details safe?

Your payments are secure and we never see your bank details, even when you join via the telephone.

You will be able to set up a direct debit using the RBS online service called GoCardless, so that payments are made directly between our bank accounts monthly.

Our site is built using SSL/TLS technology so your personal details are encrypted.

Will you share my details?

We don’t share our member’s details with anyone else except CrowdControlHQ in accordance with our agreement with them to set up accounts. We will only contact you for promotional reasons if you agree to let us. We will invite you to join our exclusive LinkedIn Group and automatically enroll you to our weekly email about the content we are providing and support coming your way. You can choose to opt out or unsubscribe to the email at anytime, but you may miss out on service updates.

We will be setting cookies according to our policy.